Q: How many people can All Occasions accommodate?
A: We can feed up to 2000 at your location. At All Occasions banquet rooms, we can accommodate up to 245 people.
Q: How many people are needed to book a party?
A: We require a minimum of 10 guests in order to reserve a party.
Q: What is needed to reserve a banquet room?
A: We require a $100 deposit and your date of choice.
Q: Is there a charge for the banquet room?
A: There is no charge if you eat. If you do not eat, there is a fee for the room.
Q: Is there a charge for linens when booking a banquet?
A: The linens are provided with the banquet rooms when food is ordered.
Q: Is the banquet room deposit refundable?
A: The banquet room deposit is taken off the bill as long as there is no damage.
Q: Does All Occasions allow me to bring in my own food?
A: We do not allow food in our facility, but you can bring a special occasion cake. We can provide a cake for you, too.
Q: Can All Occasions recommend someone for live entertainment?
A: Our catering manager Missy France can assist you. Please contact her at missy@aocaterers.com or 260/563-7770.