Market Street Grill restaurant and All Occasions catering facilities are located in the historic S.J. Payne building, built in 1898.

Samuel Jefferson Payne joined his brother, Thomas F., to form T.F. Payne & Co. The business produced bedsteads, extension tables, center tables and stands, as well as bedroom suits. Their factory was located on the corner of Wabash and Water Streets. A retail furniture store was located on the southeast corner of Miami & Market Streets.

The company was dissolved in 1884, although Thomas F. and his sons Edward Dewitt continued to run the factory and conduct the wholesale trade. Samuel J. took over the retail aspects of the business. In March of 1898, Samuel began the construction of a new building for his retail trade at the northeast corner of Market and Miami Streets, now home to Market Street Grill and All Occasions Catering.

In 1909, Samuel sold the building to Lawrence L. and Karl s. Daugherty. The sale being unsatisfactory, the building reverted back to Samuel. Payne, however, was financially embarrassed and the building went into the hands of trustees. In 1916, Louisa S. Jones purchased the building. By 1918, the building was being used by the firm of W.P. Jones & Son who were dealers in furniture and funeral directors.

S.J. Payne died on February 11, 1924, the result of a fall on icy pavement near West Ward School. Six years after his death, the renaissance revival building he built was being used by Elsa "Smoke" A. Harvey as the Union Coffee Shop and the Union Cigar Store. Though both businesses changed hands several times, they remained until 1964. In the intervening years several other businesses were using the building. The top floor was a bowling alley. A barber shop and package liquor store were also located there.

In 1966, the building was being used by Julius Goble as a bar and dancing hall known as the Rooster Tail. The Rooster Tail closed in 1977. The building then sat empty until 1980 when the Midnight Sun opened in a portion of the building facing Miami Street. On December 22, 1981, the building was purchased by James B. Moore. The Sunset Room was completely refurbished and opened on January 21, 1982. The Rio Grande and Cantina opened on April 15, 1982. Remodeling of the Midnight Sun was completed in September 1982. All of these rooms operated under the name of S.J. Payne until Mr. Moore's death in 1985.

The facilities were re-opened in 1986 by William "Wild Bill" Gerding in 1986. Wild Bill started his new business as a club and bar then later ventured into the catering business with All Occasions.

In 1996, Market Street Grill opened, and in conjunction with All Occasions has become the largest caterer in Wabash and surrounding counties. Market Street Grill has also repeatedly been voted the best steak, caterer and all around restaurant in Wabash County. Wild Bill's award-winning recipes include his world-famous Indiana red "Chili With An Attitude", which has repeatedly placed in national chili cook-offs in Nevada, Louisville, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Kokomo & Elkhart. Also won the Wabash Cannonball Cook Off in 2006.